Interior Design to Sell

We all know the real estate market right now is slow. The key to a fast sale is to make your house outshine the others on the market.

The goal is to attract as many different buyers as you can. Maybe your house is dated. Maybe it is cluttered, or maybe it is just too style specific.

How about curb appeal? Can potential buyers find your front door from the street or is it hidden? Katharyn can't change your home's location, but she can definitely help you find your home's greatest potential, and make it shine! Let her design your home to get it sold ASAP!

Katharyn works with Orange County area homeowners and real estate agents to make homes more appealing to homebuyers. A professionally designed and accessorized home truly stands out from the crowd and tempts buyers to get their offers ready!

Design to sell

Initial Consultation

Call today for your initial consultation. This will be a time to go over your design goals and budget, as well as, a chance to get to know Katharyn. You'll be amazed at how a fresh perspective from a professional Orange County interior designer can rejuvenate your residential space!
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Trends for 2017

2016 has come and gone. What does 2017 have in store for interior design? Are prints in or out? How about new and exciting paint colors? What are popular furniture trends this year? How about adding some new accessories? Learn how to give your home the WOW factor for 2017!
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Amazingly Affordable

People are often initially surprised at how affordable it can be to hire Katharyn as their interior designer. While many interior designers charge hundreds of dollars per hour, Katharyn chooses to serve those seeking an affordable interior designer - but don't want to sacrifice on quality.
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