Interior Design Testimonials

“I am excited about the changes for my girls and for myself and I appreciate all the time and effort you have put into this project.”
Katie O.

“It was so good to see you today. I'm SO excited about the colors and change in the office!!! I would have never thought to use those colors and they look amazing!”
Lucy B.

Robert D.

“I took your advice and went to see Brenda on Sunday for pots in the sun room. We went a little crazy, but they look great. Thank you for the recommendation. I also laid out the rug, and it looks great and really warms up the room!”
Stephanie G.

“Thanks for all the hard work. I think the place looks great!”
Mike O.

Orange County Interior Design Testimonials

“We are very excited about the color choices that you helped select today. You have an amazing eye for color; it truly is a gift. We are just thrilled with the color choices you made and the different style tips you gave us to help complete the look.”
Chris & Jill W.

“Katharyn, I'm simply amazed how you pull things together. Looked at your gallery tonight – loved the beach themed bungalow. Each project was so different, yet you made them all inspiring. They all looked lovely!! Our house looks lovely too (thanks to you)! Thank you for your patience/guidance/AND for helping us get it just right. We have moved so many times, that we never put a lot of attachment into our house. Now we travel from room to room in awe. Looking at the different areas where you placed our Germany prints is heartfelt. This means so much to us. Our families are so far away, but now wherever we walk through our house we already feel they are nearby Also, thanks for distributing our Holland items throughout – we have so many fond memories of our time in The Netherlands. Our home feels warm, cozy and inviting. I can't say it enough times-Thank You!!! I really love the new change. You truly have a gift!!”
Lisa H.

“We didn't want you to leave without thanking you for the help that you have given us with our decorating and upgrade projects. The backsplash tile is completed and we finished putting up the new range hood and pendant lights this weekend. Everything in our kitchen has come together and looks fabulous! Thanks so much.”
Dave & Doris M.

Initial Consultation

Call today for your initial consultation. This will be a time to go over your design goals and budget, as well as, a chance to get to know Katharyn. You'll be amazed at how a fresh perspective from a professional Orange County interior designer can rejuvenate your residential space!
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Trends for 2017

2016 has come and gone. What does 2017 have in store for interior design? Are prints in or out? How about new and exciting paint colors? What are popular furniture trends this year? How about adding some new accessories? Learn how to give your home the WOW factor for 2017!
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Amazingly Affordable

People are often initially surprised at how affordable it can be to hire Katharyn as their interior designer. While many interior designers charge hundreds of dollars per hour, Katharyn chooses to serve those seeking an affordable interior designer - but don't want to sacrifice on quality.
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